flash some skin

another day done. sleep in, watch the jays lose, lunch on an avocado and tuna sandwich, work, drink vodka grapefruits at squirrely's, then off to bed. can't wait for my ysl ring to arrive, i'm so in love. must paint my nails turquoise in anticipation.
top and skirt: american apparel
boots: frye
belt: urban
jewelry: urban, vintage, in god we trust, h&m


i did a bad bad thing...

my new baby. i blame alexa chung.


saturday morning light

new shorts + old boots, perfect match. so happy it's saturday and i'm off work... just want to spend the day reading, scrap booking, sewing and watching skins or gilmore girls on repeat.
also trying to set up true north thrift but i don't know if i should make it an etsy or ebay store
or if i should just set it up as a blog like the trend has been lately? i don't even know if have enough readers to do that. i only have 40 followers.... hmmm decisions to make, any suggestions?
top: uo
shorts: h&m
boots: vintage
necklace: in god we trust
bag: tylie malibu


everything is perfect.

i know i said the next post would be an outfit shot but when i saw these on lovers in vain i had to repost. everything about these picks i love. the location, the clothing, the styling, the hair and make up. it's what i would look like, wear and live if everything was perfect. of course zippora adds to the beauty of it all too. check out lovers in vain for more great inspiration.
zippora seven by steven chee.


red red red

for s. the beauty editor ♥. some tanya d. red lipped inspiration to get you through the workday lovely. 
**new outfit post next, i promise.
src. tfs 

erin heatherton

src bellazon

hot pink

i love these bright colour beauty spreads. especially nice on a girl with a face like erin.

what gorgeous freckles, no? reminds me of eating pink popsicles on a hot day.


got the giggles

as much as pink by vs reminds me of college girls in butt advertising sweatpants, 
i love their bras and boyfriend fit trackies (minus the butt ads). 
this top pretty cute too.
erin heartherton and candice swanepoel for pink.

marc swallows

you know when you want something so bad you almost feel this panic inside, like maybe you won't be able to get it..... i must have these from the marc by marc jacobs fall collection. not only are they gorgeous but they match my tattoo as well. the med. sized sasha in black, the small sookie in drk brown and the smaller flap pouchette in navy are my favourites. the large evie and large clutch, both in tan, round out the collection. i think i will invest in two of these depending on price and how they look in person. the sasha is tearing my heart apart, total ♥ i adore the dusty brown and navy colours of the smaller bags too. what do you think?


pure shores

lighten up
candice swanepoel
for uk glamour july09
shot by olivia graham
src. ru glamour
how amazing is this editorial. so summer. it makes me want to drop everything and get lost on a tropical beach. i love the knit bathing suits. so killer.



Dagens klæder
thanks to miss molly at rackk and ruin i know who my mystery blond is in the fab. blue fringe coat of a few posts back. it's stephanie from the amazing blog, anywho. there you can find style inspiration from three lovely ladies, stephanie, elise and ingrid (who is featured here rocking a plaid i'd love to steal). definitely following this one.
side note* **you need to check out molly's amazing "golden goose" boot diy, wow. the girl is talented.

happy father's day daddy!

i love you very much ♥
my dad and my sister 1976/77
and with me in the late 80's


staples, round 2: emma nygren

emma showing us how it's done,
check out her blog



hunters, army coat, tylie, a gray burn out, peach nails and a macbook.
****edit**** this is the best burnout tee. urban outfitters bdg. brand. they just got it in so many colours too. i have it in white, gray and aqua.
coat: h&m
jeans: ag
bag: tylie malibu
boots: hunter
polish: la flair

the shoes

kim noorda in marni
vogue spain
src bellazon

jetset lovers

hince and moss travel in style.
what a charmed life.
src. popsugar


hunting s e a son

i'm absolutely loving these vintage boots. they're comfy, great with skirts and denim and they are one of my favourite colours, hunter green. they really play well with the darker floral pattern of this new urban skirt. it's their take on the infamous american apparel pocket skirt. the material of this one's a little thicker, slinkier and longer so it drapes really well. but the best part of the outfit has to be my bullet crystal necklace by the lovely molly of rackk and ruin. one of my favourite things at the moment. it's a definite conversation piece and it adds beauty, edge and a little fantasy to any look. check out her etsy store for more great pieces.
top: gap
sweater: line
skirt: ou
boots: vintage
necklace: rackk and ruin


racy lacy

lara for eres...

a perfect day

paolo roversi for vogue paris
oct 2007
ru glamour


burn burn burn

clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose

four things:
  1. i love her blue suede fringe coat, her thin armed sunnies, the way her belt's tied and the roominess of her boots.
  2. i have no idea where i got this image. i'm usually really good about giving credit for sources and remembering where i get things but this picture is a mystery. i know it's from a blog i follow so if you recognize it as yours drop me a comment so i can give you the props!
  3. i had my first motorcycle ride today! thanks dave and thanks for driving really slow, lol.
  4. friday night lights season three, amazing. watch it.

float on and lean back

vogue china

ru glamour