little red riding boot

the last few days have been a permanent 90's revival. i cannot get enough of floral printed rayon babydolls, plaid flannel and over-sized slouchiness. it's an obsession and i need a pair of black lace up flat boots immediately, why did i get rid of my docks? you'll only be seeing all the grunge inspired outfits after i finish posting all the back logged photos i have stored. this look was worn for a saturday of wine tasting, shopping and wandering queen. i love both of these boots. the mini cowboy boots i got at a thrift store on my way up north the other day. they are so fantastic but alas, slightly too small. i don't know why i bought them because wearing them is painful. i plan on selling them on ebay soon. i'm currently photographing and measuring the huge pile of things i have to sell, stay tuned. instead i wore my red vintage moccasin boots. i bought them on ebay and i love there subtle details. the colour on the other hand is very bright which i must say limits my wear of them. it's the leo/virgo fight over my personality. it's hard to explain but it's as if i want the spotlight but i'm shy and feel uncomfortable when i get attention. i heart this horse shirt. i bought it for my boyfriend but ended up keeping it for myself. it was too sweet to let go of and i have a very sweet tooth.

tee: loomstate
shorts: modified abercrombie
boots: vintage
scarf: vintage
sweater: aritzia
bag: marc by marc jacobs


gary graham

i love this jacket. it's a band jacket with a biker edge. i have to head to the gary graham store at 19th and broadway in abc carpet and home when i go to nyc and find out if it's affordable enough for me to take home.


round and round the mulberry bush

i've talked about it again and again, my love for all things mulberry. i've had my brooke for two years now and i plan on adding to my mulberry collection in nyc with a roxanne or a bayswater but lately i've lucked out on some vintage pieces. the other day i found this amazing navy satchel on ebay for a great price with the original mulberry plaid lining. i can't wait for it to come. then today i came across this fab brown saddle bag that i've been loving for years. around the time i bought my brooke i was very much in love with a light tan saddle bag with a striped canvas strap but it was too much money. this one is almost exactly the same but i think a slightly older style. still it was amazing to find it after all these years.


mr. t and werewolves

i sit here about to read the september issue of harper's bazaar uk, thinking about new moon which i'm reading again, obsessed, listening to a fine frenzy and trying to avoid thinking about being at work in under two hours. that's the worst thing about having three days off, you do not want to go back, not that i got to enjoy my time off as i was sick the whole time. the only thing not keeping me from crawling under the sheets is the thought of all the things i want to buy and do in nyc and how much money i need. before i crack opening the magazine i'm going to leave you all with a friday post. the pushing back of topshop still hurts my heart as i really wanted that heart print kate moss cardigan but at least i have my star tunic to ease the pain. this top is really growing on me. it's flattering and looks great with jeans, leggings, skirts and dressed up or down. this day i wore it to work and to nate's b-day party at cadillac lounge. i couldn't go to wild with it but i was inspired by the givenchy runway show and i thought it would look cool piled with lots of gold chains. i also wore my new nail polish concoction. i've been wanting dark grey but i couldn't find it at shoppers so i mixed a light grey polish with black to create this charcoal. you can also get a good look at my favourite ring. it's a gold one i've had since i was a little girl, that's why it only fits on my pinky. i love the delicate knot design and i want to copy this ring in rose gold for my wedding band if i get married one day. i am dating a guy who's hard to tie down so i'm not holding my breath on marriage anytime soon but that's okay i young still. that's it, back to my grande non-fat wet cappuccino.

top: topshop
jeans: levis
shoes: minnetonka
ring: vintage
necklaces: vintage, frug, luv your pets


as if

thigh high stockings always make me think of clueless. cher and dion always sported them and i had many a pair in 7th and 8th grade, even a pink and cream stripped set. with all the english lovelies sporting knee high and thigh high stockings recently they're making even more of a comeback then last fall. i'm not sure how i feel about the thigh highs with this outfit. it might be too busy with the belt and for some reason my boobs look a lot bigger then normal.

top: urban outfitters
skirt: vintage
socks: american apparel
sunglasses: roxy quicksilver
belt: h&m
bag: marc by marc jacobs
shoes: vintage charles jourdan

5 years

today is me and my boy, kevin's five year anniversary. we were planning to have a nice day together and i even got the night off but of course we are both sick. the plans for the day may have to change a bit so good thing we went away last week for a romantic get away. we headed up north to parry sound for two days where we went hiking, canoeing and for a nice dip in the hot tub. we had a lovely time hopping puddles, more like lakes, in the woods, finding rusted out playground equipment in an old campground, very horror film, and surprising a group of white tail deer on the seguin trail. it's was great weather and we enjoyed the sunshine out on the lake. my up north wardrobe is very basic. i only wear my comfiest clothes like pink boyfriend sweatpants, uggs, moccasins, leggings and tna sweatshirts so there isn't much to show you on that end.


chuck it

i'm sitting here trying not to let my sickness consume me and hoping i don't have food poisoning like my boyfriend. but, i still have to post and get caught up on the many pictures i have to put up. this look was from the weekend. i decided to take advantage of one of the last hot days of the year and wear a summery dress. i could have dressed this up with heels or wintered it up with boots but instead i made it work appropriate with some chucks. very fitting considering my last nirvana post. i need to go lie down now.

dress: h&m
sweater: french connection
shoe: converse
necklace: h&m kids and luv your pets
sports bra: ck



on september 24th, 1991 nevermind by nirvana was released onto the world, sparking the grunge movement and introducing youth to kurt cobain. i love nirvana and this album includes my favoutirte song, lithium, as well as the amazing in bloom and smells like teen spirit. right now there's a store near my house that has it's windows plastered with kurt's face. i had to take pictures of it before it disappeared to show all of you. the effect of it is very cool and i wish it was permanent. it's silly to say that nirvana was completely responsible for grunge, flannel shirts, grandpa cardigans and all things that made the nineties so special to me but they defiantly played a big part in it. it makes you realize how important music can be to our culture and how the current dismal state of the music industry makes another mass shift in tastes next to impossible. nevermind sold over 10 million copies and to think if it was released today would it even have made it to 1 million? would it be so important? keep the industry alive, support artists and buy music, buy albums.

how does your garden grow

i saw these socks in urban outfitters months ago when they opened down on queen street. they were on a mannequin but nowhere in the store. i had to have them so this was very frustrating. i mean how could they tease me so? a few weeks later at the yonge location there they were and i snatched them up at last. i wanted to make them a focal for this outfit so i went simple with a t-shirt dress, loafers and a purple leather belt. it also allowed my lovely green nails to pop a little more then usual, which is never a bad thing. i have some unrelated news as well. kevin got a new computer so now i can post whenever i want. i'm a little jealous because his ibook is so much shinier and faster then mine. i take my only solitude in the fact that mines bigger. two, those of you who get the w network can watch my lovely alexa every wednesday at 10pm on gok's fashion fix. the show is okay but you get to see alexa talk to big designers and wear adorable outfits so it's worth a tune in. finally, here's four songs i'm very into right now. a fine frenzy - almost lover (i love this album, ashes and wine is my fav. but there's no video for it.) freedy johnston - bad reputation, grace potter - apologies and sparky's flaw - under control. check them out on itunes.

dress: aritzia
belt: vintage
socks: urban outfitters
shoes: charles jourdan, vintage
bag: marc by marc


going green

my favourite nail polish brand, la girl flare, makes a pot of polish in my favourite colour, forest green. this is my absolute favourite colour to wear, even though i have very few items of clothing in this shade. i find it complements my hair and skin in the perfect way. this polish will be a favourite of mine forever as long as they don't discontinue it...



my new tee, my old jeans again and a scarf. i could actually wear one without feeling like a ridicules hipster. nothing against hipsters in general because i pretty much dress like one most of the time, but a scarf in 25 degree heat looks so try hard. the change in seasons is bringing out a lot more then scarves. there's boots, layers of cardigans and blazers, tights and knee socks and leather. i love fall. today was another cool day and we're going to check out if the leaves have changed yet up in parry sound tomorrow. kev and i will be spending the day out in the canoe (him paddling, me sitting), fishing and basically enjoying the outdoors. then wednesday morning breakfast at our favourite diner lil's. i haven't been up to too much the last few days, trying not to shop so i can save for nyc. unfortunately, it seems topshop will be pushing back their opening and we won't be there for it after all, i'm so disappointed. they don't even deliver to canada from their website, it sucks. i guess that means more cash to spend at mulberry and marc jacobs. p.s. how amazing was blair's yellow dress on g.girl today. she looked so pretty.

sweater: vintage, thrifted
tee: urban outfitters
jeans: ag
shoes: toms
scarf: american apparel

i know i got a bad reputation and it isn't just talk talk talk

these boots are so comfortable. i can actually wear them and walk for longish periods of time. i know it can't always be the case but maybe there is some truth in "you get what you pay for" and expensive shoes are more comfortable. i wore them with some tight skinny jeans, a great gathered tank and my favourite plaid shirt. i still had to change out of them later for an extended walk but i got to wear my vintage lace up ankle boots that i bought at beacons closet in williamsburg. unfortunately, after walking 15 blocks they completely ripped at the ankle seams and now there are two huge holes in them. i don't think i'll be able to wear them much anymore.

top: thrifted, polo
tank: cheap monday
jeans: ag
boots: belle by sigerson morrison
flat boots: vintage