skins, oh wow

my new obsession is skins. a british teen drama, whose characters are so real, developed, well acted and endearing that i can't stop watching/gushing. over the last week or so i've watched the first two seasons, which feature the original cast. i fell hard for the gang; tony, michelle, syd, maxxie, chris, anwar, jal, effy and especially cassie. so much so that, i'm kind of heartbroken that the current third season only features effy but i definitely plan on getting the dvds so i can watch them over and over again. the series also has amazing music and you can check out a video below of the cast covering one of my favourite songs ever, wild world by cat stevens. i don't want to ruin the series for you by revealing story lines but i urge you all to rent it or watch it, you won't regret it. the show's so smart and candid that i might even like it more then gossip girl.  i know this post isn't fashion related but in the immortal words of chris from bristol, f*@#k it.


is siwy the answer?

i've been feeling a little frustrated with jeans lately. you see, i've been dying for a pair of distressed denim, flares or skinnys. i've looked at tons of different stores and i haven't been able to find the right combination of elements (fit, pocket placement, colour and rip ratio) to satisfy me. i feel like the jeans have to be perfect in all categories or it's just not worth the big bucks for something that's relatively trendy and well to be honest, not going to hold up for long. i mean i could just distress a pair of jeans i already own for free, right? the problem is that they probably won't end up looking as nice as a pair done professionally and i really love the style. i'm into a darkish to very dark denim, either skinny, slouchy skinny or slim through the thigh and very flared. the rips need to be throughout but not overpowering and the pockets need to flatter the bum, not too low. i thought i'd found the answer in current elliot but the pockets and the paint splatters bothered me, too low and too many respectively. i may have found another option though in siwy. i love the hannah in bluestorm and loyal. i can't wait to try these on in person to see if i've finally found the ones. i also love the alice boyfriend jean and all the cute shorts. the siwy campaign is so beautiful and i adore the styling. it helps that the model is gorgeous, i wish i knew who she was. what to you all think? do you have any jean suggestions? all images from siwydenim.com

due for a polish, rescue me?

i've always been intrigued by rescue beauty's nail polishes. the colours are always so interesting and they're usually one of the first to put out new colour trends. i never been able to find the polishes in canada, so if anyone has any suggestions about where to pick them up, please pass them along. these are the colours i'm currently lusting, including the my favourite a pinky/purple grey, aptly named grunge. polishes from left to right; grunge, purple haze, recycle, stormy, pepto pink, no more war.


born to run

one of the sexiest outfits in my opinion is a white t-shirt and some hot jeans. it brings to mind cindy crawford drinking soda pop and daria werbowy walking the streets on nyc. i own surprisingly few white tees and tanks. i think it's because they get grimy so fast. it's also hard to find one with the right amount of slouch to make them flattering. this tee is a recent find from my favourite t-shirt brand, alternative apparel. i love the scooped/v neck and the looser fit.

tee and hoodie: alternative apparel
jeans: j brand
boots: hunter


sisterly love

two perfect looks from my favourite brit sisters, sav and sienna. the leather jacket is a definite purchase. but i love every bit of both looks. is it bad that i can't wait for fall09 and it's only february?

  • currently watching breathless and marveling at the beauty that is jean seberg

  • must buy striped things, see above
  • can't wait to check out the bargains tomorrow, hopefully it will be warmer so i can walk to the thrifts
  • i want i want a non fat no whip half sweet cafe mocha from the buck... i know it's lame i get embarrassed when i order it.


it's a long way to california

15 more cm of snow today..... at least the boy is back.
vanassa lorrenzo, elle spain april o7. source unkn.

v.v. sale

so every season value village, which is my thrift store of choice, has a 50% off sale. they used to be on tuesdays so i could go early and usually find really good stuff but the last few times they've been on mondays and i had to work. this time i almost didn't go as i thought by 6pm most everything worth while would have been picked over, but since the boy was away and i was bored around the house i tried my luck away. although not as good as past sales, i did pick up a few pieces, see below. i got an orange blazer with great lines that i think will be perfect for a pop of colour this spring. i got a great graphic print blazer that with a few alterations will add great interest to an outfit. jumping on the denim trend, i picked up this jean shirt hopefully not to wear as a canadian tuxedo. this blue sweater is by jagger and super soft. i love the duck pattern and funnel neck on it. lastly i picked up this sheer topper. it doesn't close but it will look cute layered on top of things for a bit of stevie nicks drama.


alternative apparel

i thought it was fitting since my boyfriend is away in nashville to put together a country inspired outfit. not the i don't wear plaid most days but there's a little more thought in this look with the vest and the boots. what you can't see is the amazing wolf print on the back of my vest, we all know how i feel about them, check it out here. speaking about the southern u.s. lets head to atlanta and the homebase of one of my favourite companies alternative apparel. i have to send out many thanks to all the alternative staff because they answered my christmas wishes and sent me an amazing and generous care package, that included the rocky fleece hoodie i desperately desired. i want you to know that i have worn it almost everyday since it has arrived. it has kept me warm all winter and is the best, coziest, coolest hoodie i've every owned. soon it will accompany me on my trip to southern utah and it has been joined by many other alternative pieces, as i snatch up any i can find around town. great company, great people and a great product. much love. check out the alternative pieces that i'm currently loving below.

hoodie: alternative apparel, vest: urban outfitters, shirt: thrifted, jeans: h&m, boots: vintage

i love the new heathered burnout collection. i have the blue tee and the fit is perfection.
another burnout fav. the racerback tank. my beloved hoodie in the new darker grey.
note to the ladies, this is unisex so get an x-small, mines a small and it's roomy on me.
i love the cardigans from the orange label. it's alternative's premium women's line.

this just in from olsens anonymous

i want, i need. i worship the olsen. thank you olsens anonymous. visit the site, it's the best.




heat, shot by steven klein for w magazine oct2007 and featuring the force that is daria werbowy. she is so sexy and so beautiful, killer bod. this shoot makes me yearn for summer and reminds me of toronto's hot humid julys. i adore the matchstick type face for the title too.