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missile attack

i've have been obsessed with these surface to air wedges since i first saw them last summer. whether in beige, black or gray suede, cognac brown leather or leopard print they are stunning. i'm seriously contemplating splurging on them this summer. loving the brown leather and gray suede especially. does anyone out there have a pair? are they comfortable? do dish...

buy them at tobi.com for $367
src. garance dore, stardust memories, google


the winner of the subscriber love contest is
emmalee from everythingshewrote on tumblr.
email me with your info so i can ship out your prize.
thanks for all those who entered. i hope to do another giveaway soon.

march beauty/misc favourites

what i've been loving in beauty and life this march (if the video is grainy it's b/c it's still processing or you may need a software update).
****a reminder! the subscriber/follower contest ends today wednesday march 31st. make sure you enter in the contest post if you haven't already! check back later tonight for the winner too.



i just wanted to show you some close up shots of my recent arrivals. this is the alexa leopard wallet i ordered from mulberry in january and the coach clutch i won from fashionchalet,
both items i absolutely love. the coach clutch is not the actual bag i won, it had sold out, but i adore it. it's basically a big wallet because it has card slots and a change area inside, but then it also has a large purse compartment for your phone, lipgoss etc. it's a classic bag with the black patent leather and considering i've already carried it on more then one occasion i know i'll use it again and again. so thanks again to erika and coach for holding that contest!
the mulberry wallet is perfection. at first i thought that it would be too small for everyday use and i'd only wear it when i carried my smaller bags, but i've been using it all month and it's perfectly functional. i love the large separate coin area and how compact the wallet is. the leather is gorgeous and so soft. such a great buy! one of the best things about buying from higher end brands is the service you "usually" receive and that even extends to online purchases. how cute is the packaging on these items? the mulberry wallet even came with adorable "alexa" themed stickers. such a pleasure to open these little jewels.
***update on the topshop post i decided to buy the pants and top as they were almost sold out. i didn't get the boots because i was unsure about sizing and doing online returns is such a pain b/c you never get all the shipping/duty costs back when it's international. i'm hoping ordering from topshop will be as pleasurable an experience as the ones above.


to shop or not to shop - topshop edition

my current topshop favourites.
should i take the plunge and put in my first online order?
does anyone have any of these pieces? review please.

i also wanted to say hello to the two lovelies that recognized me this week. hi jillian! and to the girl who came up to me on queen, i was very surprised and flattered with your kind words. you were so nice! this has only happened once before so i still find it kind of surreal when my real world and my blogging world intersect (not that i'm not the same in both, does this make sense?) Also the best of luck for all that have entered the contest, one more week until the draw!


for all my lovely followers - a contest

as a thankyou for all the support over the years.
this is a contest open to all my subscribers/followers on blogger, youtube, tumblr and twitter, for all love of everything true north style. all you have to do to enter the draw is type "enter me" in the comments below, but make sure you are logged in so i can confirm you are a follower of the blog. if you just follow my tumblr or twitter then leave you user name as well. one entry per person. the prize consists of a f21 headband and sunglasses, a vintage tooled leather bag, a dreamcatcher necklace, 2 lipsticks, rosebud strawberry lip salve, 4 nail polishes and a mac msf + a surprise or two. this is not a sponsored contest i got all this stuff just for you guys!
contest closes march 31st at 5pmest.
good luck!


february haul/favourites

here's what i bought last month. i finally picked up some items that i've been wanting forever.... very successful shopping. as for favourite videos, i decided not to do them for february because it was really just a month of leggings/oversized tees, hunter wellies and olympics. so instead i decided to just break it all down for you here instead. look out for videos for march though. i also wanted to let you all know that there is a contest coming up soon as well, i'll try and post the video this weekend, but if not by tuesday. it's going to be a thank you to all my lovely subscribers/followers/supporters. i love you guys!

february favourites
  • bottoms: leggings from aritzia, f21 and lululemon, levis 503's, earnest sewn harlens
  • tops: oversized tee's from alternative apparel, american apparel and vintage stores
  • lots of thrifted oversized cardis and men's cashmere sweaters, alternative hoodies and plaid shirts.
  • jackets: my h&m army coat, paired with a hoodie/vintage rabbit fur vest for warmth or my tna parka. on warmer days i was sporting my vintage suede/shearling biker jacket (totally inspired by burberry)
  • shoes: grey chucks, hunter wellies and vintage black guess riding boots.
  • accessories: my sarah chloe ring, gold heart locket, olympic mitts.
  • when i did want to wear something a bit more special i picked long sleeved mini dresses or my leopard print mini skirt from h&m paired with opaques and a vintage tee (you will see an outfit post on that look soon).
  • beauty: mac brown colour palette and lots of fiberwig mascara, kevin murphy hair products
  • tv/movies: the olympics took over my life, but i was also saying goodbye to season 4 of friday night lights (sooo good, especially zach gilford's performance as matt saracen) and falling in love with cook on skins... he was the king of season 4.
  • music: nirvana greatest hits, blind melon soup and green day dookie on heavy rotation
  • books: the rose labyrinth. great if you like da vinci code type thrillers.
  • i also finally got into exercising regularly and i like to do 20-30 mins of cardo every other day


winter shorts

i love winter shorts. i prefer dark coloured shorts or denim with black opaques. it's playful and a lot more comfortable/casual then a mini. as a total wolf print freak, i had to get this vintage waylon jennings tee. not only does it have an awesome desert wolf scene it also says the lone wolf on it, hehe. obsession i know.
top: vintage, shorts: vince, tights: tabio 110 denier (thanks guys), boots: thrifted ralph lauren, cardi: diyed american apparel, hat: h&m


desperately seeking anna

anna (left) and rosanna (right)
i love wildfox favourite anna laryn . she is so playful and i think she looks so much like rosanna arquette in the early 80's. which of course only makes me like her more because if desperately seeking susan is in your top three favourite films you have a lot of love for rosanna aka, roberta/susan.
src: google/wildfox



the caption on this photo is "kate is looking worse for wear" but i think she looks pretty great. the perfect leopard print jacket and a constant inspiration. i'm aware i post her a lot on here but do you blame me she's an icon.

pocket full of posies

all i want to wear right now is florals. this dress is a perfect example, dusty muted print, long sleeved mini, 100% vintage perfection. i styled it two ways, one ideally with the best marc by marc boots and one realistically in chucks. you can't work all night in 4 inch heels, at least i can't. i love how i found the perfect pink nail polish to match the flowers and i adore my fav. blind melon engraved lyric tag/dream catcher necklace.
sweater: mango (thanks mom), dress: vintage, tights: tabio (thanks guys), shoes: marc by marc jacobs/chucks, necklace: diy, polish: rimmel kick start


party like it's 2009

ok, so the cats out of the bag. these photos are old, like 2009 old. i've been a very bad blogger and i'm so behind, hence the blogging at dark horse today. i figured if i got out of the house i'd buckle down and get a ton of these posts that have been on the desktop and in my photo albums waiting, up and onto tns. so far i'm at 6 posts! yeah, on delay of course so your bloglovin's won't be bombarded all at once :)
this is what i wore to the debaucherous, annual staff xmas party. not the brightest idea to wear pleather to dance the night away, i was extremely hot and had to shower right when i got home, eww, but it looked good, lol. so fun as usual although not as cringe worthy as normal b/c no shots allowed at the open bar this year. i think my boss is finally figuring out his staff are just a bunch of alcoholics and tried to reign us in this year (i'm not speaking about myself per say, i always drink responsibly, well usually).
dress: h&m, beaded jacket: thrifted, tights: american eagle, shoes: steve madden, bag:f21, ring: club monaco

lay me down

jane and dree


i love ash.

i know mary kate probably has a few more admirers and i fully appriciate her incredible sense of style but my heart is drawn to ashley. she always looks chic, simple and put together but it's never stuffy or boring. her clothes are just beautiful, quality and always special. these are three favourite looks of mine. the top shot has two of my fav. ashley pieces, her tall balenciaga boots that always go so high up on her calves (which maybe due to her height) but i love that look. as well, she's carrying one of my favourite bags ever, her fendi croc tote. the fact that fendi named the re-release of this bag after the twins shows their incredible influence on fashion. she looks perfect but effortless in this leggings look. then we have a gorgeous summer look, layers of sheer cotton, a hint of skin, the perfectly detailed jeans and the givenchy. wow. very few people can make jeans and a little top look so cool and sexy. finally, fringed and studded for a day of shopping, ashley never disappoints the paps. such a killer look.
src: tfs, olsensanonymous


i think i'm in love

i wanted to thank everyone for chiming in on which bag they liked better below. although i'm still in love with the mulbery leah, i am leaning towards the balenciaga. it's such a classic and i've wanted one forever. the bad thing is after doing a bit more research trying to track down a dark blue version of the bag i posted (i love the green but dark blue is my dream colour) i discovered an amazing blue leather and a brand new bag shape for this season. now all i want is a balenciaga town in canard blue with regular hardware, although the giant rose gold hardware on the pic above is pretty bitchin' too. i need to track one down. i mean a bag in between the size of a first and a city with a long shoulder strap that can be worn cross body, it's made for me.
(above | left: the town shape in black with giant rose gold hardware | right: the first in canard with regular hardware | )

sailor c.

a little sailor moon inspired post title.
i picked up this dress at the new 69 vintage on bloor a few months back. it's funny because i think i saw this piece at my local thrift shop and didn't pick it up b/c the shape was all wrong, of course altered it immediately caught my eye. maybe i'm mistaken, but if not i could have saved m self a few dollars :) still the girls at 69 always give me a special rate so it wasn't too bad. i wore it with one of my favourite pairs of boots. i got these for next to nothing and they're not designer brand or anything but they are awesome. the wood heel has such a great shape and i always get asked about them when i wear them. i can almost walk in them all day too....
agrh, the bangs in these are killing me. i'm so glad they're almost grown out now.
dress: vintage (69 vintage), sweater: thrift, tights: tabio 110 denier (thanks guys), boots: bronx


right or left?

which would you choose? mulberry or balenciaga??


an absolutely beautiful rachel bilson heading out on oscar night.
wearing a zac posen gown and a vintage green velvet cape. check out the white lining of the dress and the shoes. wow. + how cute is her house?

red carpet stars

rachel mcadams in elie saab
miley cyrus in jenny packman
carey mulligan in prada
my favourite dresses from the 2010 oscars.
i loved rachel, she was so stunning. the elie saab dress had a gorgeous pleated bust that really flattered her small frame and the colours went perfectly with her eyes/hair and skin. she look like a walking monet painting.
miley surprised me because i wasn't expecting something so fresh and simple from her. it was youthful but still elegant and i adored the corset top and frothy skirt. so pretty.
carey was adorable. the prada dress was classic, but also quirky (it had little spoons sewn onto the bodice), which i think really spoke to carey's personal style. i adored the hemline and the shape of the skirt. her hair and make up were also flawless, delightful. (anon. thanks for the heads up on the name screw up, lol.)
i had to add this shot. stunner.