muskoka dreamin'

there's nothing i love more then heading up to muskoka. i get to do some fishing, relaxing and go for canoe rides. such activities call for comfy outfits consisting of my favourite sweats from roots, aritizia and victoria's secret's pink line. it one of the few times i can break out my short chocolate uggs without feeling guilty. any other time they feel like a fashion cop-out. below is a pic of me on a fishing trip to big chute in some roots gear (i didn't catch anything). I love the purple top because it has a deer on the back and i love forest imagery (deers, acorns, owls, bears etc.) the third pic features my fella showing of my successful catch, don't worry we let him go. finally on the same trip another photo of me in my fav. horse print tna hoodie enjoying a canoe ride.

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