cheap tuesday

i was hanging out with my sister trying to pick out my christmas gift but i wasn't having too much success. the problem with only being able to get marc by marc jacobs at holt's is that the selection sucks. i saw a girl today buy 3 styles in one go, it's so picked over you can never find the style you like. i'm thinking i may have to change what i want and go with something different or wait until the spring lines come out. that would mean no present to unwrap on the 25th and that's half the fun. i'm wearing one of my favourite finds of the year in these pics, my oxfords. they're leather and nubuck and they have great detailing. plus, they're comfy and work with dressy and casual looks. best of all they were 39.99$. i was shocked when i saw the price tag and they were the only pair in the store. love it.

scarf: vintage
jacket: h&m
vest: cheap monday
tank: club monaco
jeans: frankie b
oxfords: winners, seychelles
bag: marc by marc jacobs

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