it's been a long time

i'm sorry i've deserted you all, i've been a busy elf these past few days but no more excuses. i can't wait to show you my great christmas gifts and boxing day sale purchases. today i wore a great cardigan i got at tnt blu yesterday for 50% off. i like tnt but it's so expensive that i really only shop there during their big promotions. speaking of which i need to hit the urban outfitters sales argh! if only i didn't have so much laundry to do tomorrow. i'm also typing on a new hyper speed mac as i got some ram for my girl. my guy bought himself mbox (protools music stuff) for christmas and it wouldn't run without leopard or tiger and i couldn't install leopard without more ram so now my laptop is so fast. i love it. i also just ordered the cutest things off the web tonight. hopefully they will turn out as cool as i think they will and i'll post them on here when they arrive, until then you'll just have to wait and see.

sweater: winners, adec2
t-shirt: urban outfitters
belt: vintage
jeans: lucky brand
earrings: h&m

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