my heart goes tick tock for u

another day of christmas shopping and this time i actually did some. i finished up my sister's gift, got somethings for my boyfriend, my secret santa for work, and of course a few things for me. it was a rainy day but i walked all around the downtown core and got a lot done so i felt accomplished by the end of it. then i got home and cooked some filet mignon steaks my mom gave me with mashed potato and fresh carrot and green beans, yum it was so good! i'm wearing my favourite marc heart watch and my new marc by marc jacobs sunglasses. i just got them from shopbop and i'm not quite sure if i love them. they're so big and dark, i'm not used to them but they'd be great hangover glasses.

glasses: marc by marc jacobs
scarf: h&m
sweater: club monaco
tank: american apparel
jeans: earnest sewn, harlen
boots: sorrel
watch necklace: marc by marc jacobs
ring: h&m


Anonymous said...

wow...just found your blog! its really cool:) i LOVE your style! greetings from hungary

Cindy said...

thanks so much, it's so cool to know someone half way across the world is reading my blog. happy holidays!