purple pancake eater

when i was suppose to be christmas shopping the other day i found these great jeans. i've been trying to get coloured jeans for a while but i didn't want to spend a lot of money. i figured the look was pretty trendy so i didn't want to make a big investment. all the cheaper ones i found didn't fit right on me and i put off the idea of ever getting a pair. then i walked into this store jacflash and there on their 50% off rack was a single pair of purple jeans, in my size! it was a sign that they had to be mine. after much debate on whether to get them or a 30% burgundy pair that was a little more subtle. i decided to go with my gut and get the bright purple. now i have a great quality, great fitting pair of coloured jeans for a great price, i love when that happens. i wore this outfit to breakfast, my favourite meal to go out for. there's nothing i like more then a mitzi's pancake or french toast in the early afternoon.

scarf: vintage
tank: american apparel
sweater: aritzia
jeans: denin of virtue
boots: ebay, vintage guess
ring: h&m
earrings: gypsy

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