wild horses and work socks

a cozy winter outfit that's a little grunge inspired. everyone's saying the 90's are back and channeling kurt and courtney is easy without looking like you're stuck in the past. i think the key to following any trend, as most people will tell you, is to not do it head to toe. if you do too much it can look like a costume or as if you haven't shopped in 10 years. here my grunge elements are the flannel like material and baby doll cut of my dress and the work socks peeping out of the top of my boots. if i had added a flannel shirt or docs with this it would have been over the top. i love work socks they always remind me of my dad because he's a construction worker and he wears them pretty much everyday. i really like this horse necklace. it's made from a figure that is used to build models. this girl was selling them at the clothing show in toronto. she makes them herself and she had all different kinds of figures and animals. if anyone's interested in getting one like it she'll probably be at the next clothing show next weekend and this design was around 30$. my scarf is channeling those fab louis vuitton leopard ones that sienna and kate have been wearing the last couple of months. the real deal would make a great xmas present if anyone wants to get one for me.

dress: urban outfitters
cardi: h&m
leggings: tna
socks: marks work warehouse
boots: vintage, ebay
necklace: clothing show
earrings: gypsy
scarf: h&m

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