bang on

a couple posts ago i mentioned a birthday dinner i went to and this was the outfit i wore that night. this top was a christmas gift from my boyfriend and i love the slouchy shape of it and the punky studs. but enough about that night, today i got my hair trimmed and bangs recut from charlotte at coup. it took me forever to commit to bangs and even though i have the ones that you sweep to the side versus blunt bangs it was a big decision. after collecting pages of clippings of cute bang hairstyles i figured i want them and if i hate them it's just hair, it will grow. luckily i loved them and now i wish i never waited so long to take the plunge. bangs give you character and really suit hairbands and hats. i have so much more fun with my hair now.

top: aritzia
pants: french connection
boots: vintage, thrift store
earrings: h&m

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