desperately seeking cindy

last night iwatched one of my favouritemovies of all time, desperately seeking susan. i love the performances in this film. madonna, rosanna arquette and aidan quinn play these characters you want to know, to be and to be with. plus, it's an amazing fashion movie with great style and amazing visuals that capture the urban street vibe of 1980's new york. the images of dez's loft, the vintage clothing shop, bleecker street cinema and battery park make you want to go to nyc and be a part of that energy. i fell in love with aidan quinn in this movie and i love the chemistry between him and rosanna, especially in the scenes were they finally get together amongst the film reels strewn all over the floor and in the final scene in the projection room. so what exactly stood out fashion wise in the film for me? the skeleton suitcase, the layering of lace leotards and bustiers, square wayfarer style sunglasses, tuxedo jackets, sequins and heels for day (i wear flats too much), grey nail polish, scarfs tied in a bow as a headband and having a signature piece like the pyramid jacket. it also convinced me i must get a coffee machine with a timer and when i finally get a place with flat walls i want a big mural poster on one accent wall.

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Nicholas said...

Came across your blog by accident and love what you've written about Desperately Seeking Susan. It is one of my all time greatest films. It always seems to be underrated and you really understand what is great about it. No matter how many times you watch it, it is always visually exciting.