no rain

so another day, another outfit. right now i'm trying to get rid of this awful cold which hopefully will be gone in time for the party i have planned for my fella's birthday. it was suppose to be a surprise but he found out about it which sucked still, i think the party is going to be a great time. these boots have a good story to them. i actually got them out of somebody's front yard. they had a big free sign out and a bunch of stuff  they were getting rid of. they probably didn't want them because they have a hole in them but as long as it doesn't rain they do me fine. oh, my boyfriend always says i look like the mannequin off today's special when i were this vest because it's sparkly in the back but i think it's cute. 

vest: urban outfitters
tank: french connection
jeans: 18th admendment
boots: free
necklace charms: gift, and personilized love your pets tag