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so i mentioned a few posts back that i had ordered something cool and if it turned out like i'd hoped i'd post the results for you all. well the aforementioned project arrived and they look great. i decided to make personalized dog tags with cute pet like sayings and song lyrics. at www.loveyourpets.com they let you order tags in three shapes: circle, heart and bone and three materials: gold metal, steel and a red plastic. you can then write basically anything you want on them. they are pretty inexpensive too. i got three made, two hearts in gold and red and one silver disc. on the red heart i wrote: cindy, if lost return to bellwoods park (it's my favourite park near my place). on the gold heart i wrote: cindy, i love cookies, chasing boys and long walks in the woods. finally, on the silver disc i wrote a line from my favourite blind melon song no rain: i just want someone to say to me i'll always be there when you wake. my favourites are the two metal ones but the easiest to see from far is the plastic materiel. i plan on making more quote ones and i think they'd make great gifts.  the only down side to the metal ones are you have to be careful with keeping them away from sweat and water so they don't tarnish. 

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