working girl and her dog

now begins the work week for me as i changed my schedule around to have the party last night. i have, in fact,  just arrived home from shift one of four and really should be sleeping right now because shift two is tomorrow morning. then right after work i have to head to my parents house a half hour away to watch my dog for the night.  he's really old and has diabetes, poor buddy, so i have to give him his shot while my sister is out. then the next day i have to drive back to the city for shift three in the afternoon and finally shift four is the following morning. after this stretch i hope to have an extra day off so i can try to finally get rid of this cold i've had for over two weeks now.  oh, below are some new thrift store finds.  now that i live downtown i don't thrift as much because i find the stores here are more picked over, but whilst trying to find 80's stuff for the party i went a few times in the last week or so and was pleasantly surprised at what i found.


shirt: value village
top: value village
jeans: levis
shoes: vans
necklace: h&m, personalized luv your pets charm

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