cindy's guide to thrifting

people are always asking me how i find such cool things at thrift stores. so i decided to put together this guide to share with everyone my tips for success. 

  1. only go to the store when you have the time to look around. thrift stores are usually chaotic, unorganized, badly lit places and if you are stressed or rushed you probably will be too frustrated to find anything. that said, if touching countless possibly smelly or grimy items just to find a gem disgusts you maybe thrifting isn't for you. it should be something you look forward to doing, i love the thrill of the hunt.
  2. always check coats and shoes first. these are your biggest bang for your buck. furthermore, people always hang on to their good shoes and dress coats because they only wear them for special occasions so when they finally hit the thrift store they're usually in good shape and vintage.
  3. dresses, accessories, boys coats and tees, cardigans and the dressing room rack are also great spots. you can usually find barely worn and vintage dresses because again they're worn less often and get taking good care of. boys items can make cute cropped blazers and vests for women. plus, most women's vintage tees are put in the boys not the women's section at stores. cardigans in both the men's and woman's sections are great for layering, easy to fit and you can often find materials like cashmere and merino wool for next to nothing. finally the change room rack is like having someone else do the work for you. if you have the right person go through before you arrive there maybe countless cool items waiting for you to snatch them up.
  4. always go when it's not busy, mid morning and early afternoon on weekdays are best. if you have to go on the weekend go about a half hour to an hour after opening so they have time to put out new stock but it hasn't been picked over yet.
  5. try to scan each aisle with your hand and eye, this way you can pick up interesting patterns and fabrics without having to go through each item. expensive high quality items will jump out if you pay attention.
  6. grab anything that catches your eye and then try everything on. when things are just a few dollars you can be adventurous but make sure you'll wear it at least once. 
  7. don't let the fit of an item always put you off a good purchase. remember things can be hemmed, let out, taken in etc. that matronly skirt can be turned into a modern high waisted circle skirt by just shorting it a few inches. almost anything looks better mini ;)
  8. go often and don't get discouraged. you may not always find much but the day you snag a burberry trench for 7.99$ makes it all worth it. i should know, mine's red.
happy hunting!

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