the blue light special

tuesday was the quarterly 50% off sale at value village. these sales can bereally hit or miss because of the shear amount of people hitting the stores but i thought since i'd never been to the one in toronto on a sale i'd check it out. it turned out better then i expected and i ended up getting nine items for under 30 dollars. unfortunately, i couldn't find any cute kitsch art, boots or leather jackets but check out what i did score below.

another flannel shirt, this one is tommy hilfiger. i'm not totally sure i'm going to keep it yet. it may be returned due to the obscene number of these i already own.

sweet gold buttoned navy cardi. easy choice because i don't have a cardigan in this colour and the fit was a little slouchy like i like.
white knit cape. very marc by marc, maybe you know that pic of selma blair in the adorable pink marc cape. erin inspired me too with her cute cape at brazen head on monday.

lace bustier. just what i'd been looking for after that desperately seeking susan post. it's shear so i have to wear it layered over another top but that's very erin wasson inspired, did you see the shots of her at the alexander wang after party?

white etienne aigner loafers. very eighties prep and in fabulous condition. molly ringwald would totally wear these.

cacharel scarf. enough said.
missoni inspired scarf. following the ethnic/tribal trend for spring/summer 08.
shell necklace. could be cool for layering.

on top of all this great stuff i decided to hit up winners after some grocery shopping at duffy mall and i scored a pair of light grey j brand skinnys for 22$, they were really really marked down.
all in all a good shopping day.

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Eli said...

the cardigan and cape are really cute!