hula hoop injuries

i got this weighted hula hoop to try and add some definition to my waist. i'd like more of an hour glass figure versus the straight shape i have and i read using a weighted hula hoop is really good at targeting the abs. it seemed like fun too but it's actually really hard or maybe i'm just bad at it. i was finally getting the hang of it last night and my abs are so sore right now. so maybe i will see some results, anything has got to be better then doing boring sit ups. this is another sparkly vest. i'm such a magpie i love shiny things.

vest: urban outfitters
dress: community, aritzia
leggings: aritzia
moccasins: laurentian chief

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Philo said...

Hooping is great. Weighted hoops, well it depends. A certain amount of bruising isn't unusual at all as some sort of rite of passage that comes the first time and typically never returns, even with the current adult size hoops that are not weighted. But when you're dealing with weighted hoops, and you didn't say how heavy yours is, it's not necessarily the best for you. Read this article on Hooping.org and there's instructions there on how to hoop as well. Keep it up and happy hooping!

- Philo