reality bytes

i also rented half nelson and i must say for a heavy movie i really enjoyed it. it kind of made you think if you met dave you could make him fall for you and your love could save him from his demons. the reality is he'd would make an awful boyfriend. still, ryan gosling is incredibly sexy in this movie and you can see how women could look past the problems and get involved with a guy like him. it brings to mind the allure of kurt cobain and inspired me to once again channel the nineties with this outfit. these little flowered dresses are appealing to me right now especially with chloe sevigny's line for opening ceremony out of my price range. it's great to find these for just a couple of dollars. you can see my hoola hoop in the first pic, i'm still really bad at it. 

sweater: h&m
dress: thrifted
tights: h&m
boots: hunter
ring: h&m
pins: vintage
earrings: claires

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