prep poser

we all know those fake tuxedo t-shirts that were so big in the 80's. i like graphics that play on that look and i already have a tee with a vest print. when i saw this one for just a few dollars during boxing day sales i thought it would make a good addition to my wardrobe. it even has a badge on it that says cool in school. so cute and it plays up the uniform look i love. as for my car, it will live to run another day and my sister will hold on to hers for a few more months. i'm just glad i will have wheels to get to the vintage clothing show this weekend. plus i'll need it to do the many errands i have piled up before i head to new york. i still have to go home and visit my parents, exchange money, get a mani/pedi and figure out how were going to get to the airport in buffalo. hopefully, it will all come together in time. finally, i have to say goodbye to the starbucks cupcakes on my favs list because they're gone for another year but i discovered delicious brownies at the drake today so they have a replacement.

shirt: thrifted
tee: h&m
jeans: levis
runners: converse all stars

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