a week in a day

i realized that i've been a bit behind in my posting so today i got a few outfits to put up from the last few days. this is a little work number. wolfy. i've been watching a lot of movies lately trying to stay in from the cold. one of the ones i really enjoyed was becoming jane. i am a huge jane austin fan and i read the biography that the movie is based on last year so i knew the film wouldn't have a happy ending. still, i was gutted when jane chose to put her happiness aside and do what she felt was for the good of many. heartbreaking sacrifice. what's refreshing about jane's work is how she's able to write with so much passion but without displaying it physically with anything more then a kiss. instead she uses words and emotion.

scarf: thrifted
green top: urban outfitters
wolf top: urban outfitters
jeans: walmart
boots: hunter
bracelets: tiffany's and jeremy's silversmiths
earrings: gypsy

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