my new boots are like butter

looking at this oufit now it seems sort of autumnal with the brown and green tones but i just love that colour palette. i'm wearing a green tank that was originally white before i dyed it. i found it too sheer and this green colour makes it a lot more wearable. it ended up with a tied dyed effect as the dye didn't absorb evenly but luckily it looks intentional. i'm also wearing my new boots that i got at eleven in nyc. i love the laces and how soft the leather is. i still can't believe how many amazing vintage boots there were in new york, in my size and in such good condition. it was hard to just get three pairs i could have got 10. of course i don't know how i would have explained that at the border if they would have checked my bags. i've also been really attracted to the look of a looser longer shirt under a fitted shorter top. i think the layering effect is more exaggerated and it gives the outfit more character.

sweater: urban outfitters
tank: vince, dyed by me
jeans: levis
boots: vintage, eleven
bracelets: vintage
necklace: banana republic

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