jodie and nick at the shark pool

so today is suppose to be 18 degrees so i decided to wear a dress with no tights for the first time this year. the reality is that it may be 18 degrees but there's a super cold wind today so it feels more like 5c. i had to go home and grab my army coat. i am going to head back out and go to kensignton to buy cheese and perhaps go by tcb to check out tattoo prices. i won't say exactly what and where i want to get because my mom might read this but it doesn't hurt to do reseach. today i'm wearing my 90's floral dress. everyone had these growing up, they lace up the back and are made out of rayon. they are really appealing to me right now i think they're perfect with the floral trend for spring. plus, i feel like i'm on heartbreak high. 

vest: cheap monday
dress: vintage, thrifted
boots: vintage guess, ebay
bag: tylie malibu
sunglasses: vintage, ray-ban wayfarer

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Anonymous said...

So cute ! Love the vinatge sunglasses girl !