leather, fur and rock and roll

my fella was playing a show the other night and my friend chris and his band were opening up for him so i got all dolled up for the night. the show was amazing as usual and it was taped for cbc radio so i'll be sure to let you all know when you can tune in to here it. my outfit centered around one of my favourite value village finds, my fur collared motorcycle jacket. i'm a huge animal lover but i eat meat, wear leather and i'm not completely against wearing fur. i think that as long as it's vintage, furs are fine. i believe that instead of killing more animals you can find amazing vintage pieces or even rework old coats into something modern. there's no need to buy new fur. that said, this coat is vintage leather with a self belt, lots of zips and a coyote collar best of all it was only 24.99$, amazing. i don't wear it too much as it's a lot of drama but it's great for a night out. i wore it with two new york purchases, my ag jeans and my fav. new boots. these are the vintage ones that zip all the way up the back, so hot. after the show i had the hugest craving for potato chips that i had to hit up the grocery store in my hot outfit for a bag or two.

coat: vintage, thrifted 

jeans: ag, stilt
boots: vintage


Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be harsh. But the issue of fur wearing is not only about the cyotes who died just to become the NEEDLESS fur trim on your jacket collar. The issue is that it promotes fur cruelty as fashion.

Because of your fur wearing, the people around you might want to buy NEW fur coats - the one that looks just as "hot" as yours. Then the people around them might be influenced to buy fur, too.

Even if you are wearing an old fur coat, the wearing of it motivates others to buy news ones. More animals will die because you wear fur. A kind and pretty lady like you don't need FUR to look good.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Don't encourage others to buy fur. Let's face it, there are a lot of weak minded people out there. Old furs are only good for donation to wildlife rescue groups. They use them for baby raccoons and other wildlife. Proven to benefit the baby animals thinking they are laying on their mothers. Thanks

Anonymous said...

What a great rockin coat. I think that the people who diss vintage fur wearing and restyling are "throwing the baby out with the bathwater". By making vintage fur popular and desirable I have witnessed consumers that now are in the know to choose ONLY refurbished recycled furs. I am a furrier of 30 years in the business and see it firsthand.
And don't even suggest faux fur replacement...sorry, it's petroleum products...so you are really just supporting the BUSH WARMONGER machine.