maple syrup and chicken

i went to brunch at the swan on saturday before work and ate some delicious french toast. i wanted to get out and enjoy the sunshine and the first days of spring. so, i hung out with kev and mark in my pea coat and talked chicken. plus, it was finally warm enough to break out the moccasins. that's always a sign of warmer days. i wore one of my recent thrift finds, this striped cardi, now that i finally did my laundry and after a long night at work i hit the sheets with rascal. today was awesome too. i watched the jays defeat the red sox with an amazing grand slam from the big hurt at rogers center, i worked and i hit 3$ drinks at the bar for taj's bday. but more about that with tomorrow's post of today's outfit.

jacket: holt renfrew
sweater: thrifted vintage united colors of benneton
t-shirt: american apparel
jeans: levis
moccasins: lauretian chief
hat: zara

1 comment:

Amy said...

Love the jacket! Looks like it would go with just about everything, but the stripy layer underneath really sets it off!