summer in the city

friday was amazing out, kevin and i spent the day in the park playing frisbee and reading our books. i even broke out the shorts for the first time this year. for the park i also wore my favourite moccasins. those who have been following this blog know i have an unhealthy obsession with them that i will probably pay for when i'm older for their lack of arch support. these are the first ones i got in banff. they are completely molded to my feet and i've loved them for at least three years. they have holes in the soles that i repeatedly patch with duct tape and i know i should just get a new pair because they still make these but i just can't give them up. later for work i changed into my modified skinny jeans and minnetonka moccs. these were bootcut jeans i made into skinnys one bored morning because i really wanted ripped skinny jeans. i also wore my one and only abercrombie clothing item. i'm not a huge fan of the store and i actually haven't shopped there since their opening weekend in canada when i got this sweater. i find the fit doesn't work for my body type.

hoodie: abercrombie
tank: alternative apparel
shorts: cut off american eagle
jeans: modified see thru soul
beaded moccasins: laurentian chief
loafer moccasins: minnetonka
necklace: h&m kids
purse: vintage, thrifted

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moc said...

i love your yellow color moccasins