strawberry shortcake

tuesday was busy. in the morning i checked out the thrift stores and got a cropped tiny jean jacket that i studded out when i got home. then i went and got my hair cut, say goodbye to sweepy fringe for a while. finally, i met up with my mom and aunt and we went to some bead stores, grabbed lunch, checked out some clothes and the farmer's market. i got some organic ontario strawberries and some cute stuff during the aritzia pre sale. yes sale time has arrived, in fact today i picked up my much lusted over lollabridge jeans from 18th amendment for over 50% off. good thing i held out a few months because i saved over 100$. as for my outfit, it is a little scandalous. but i tried to balanced the shorty shorts with my wellingtons and a flannel. i layered my new green tank with my lace bodysuit as the tank is low cut and the lace adds a nice detail plus adds a bit of modesty.

shirt: winners
tanks: american apparel
lace bodysuit: urban outfitters
shorts: urban outfitters
boots: hunter
belt: urban outfitters
necklace: gifts, luv your pets

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