5 years

today is me and my boy, kevin's five year anniversary. we were planning to have a nice day together and i even got the night off but of course we are both sick. the plans for the day may have to change a bit so good thing we went away last week for a romantic get away. we headed up north to parry sound for two days where we went hiking, canoeing and for a nice dip in the hot tub. we had a lovely time hopping puddles, more like lakes, in the woods, finding rusted out playground equipment in an old campground, very horror film, and surprising a group of white tail deer on the seguin trail. it's was great weather and we enjoyed the sunshine out on the lake. my up north wardrobe is very basic. i only wear my comfiest clothes like pink boyfriend sweatpants, uggs, moccasins, leggings and tna sweatshirts so there isn't much to show you on that end.

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