i know i got a bad reputation and it isn't just talk talk talk

these boots are so comfortable. i can actually wear them and walk for longish periods of time. i know it can't always be the case but maybe there is some truth in "you get what you pay for" and expensive shoes are more comfortable. i wore them with some tight skinny jeans, a great gathered tank and my favourite plaid shirt. i still had to change out of them later for an extended walk but i got to wear my vintage lace up ankle boots that i bought at beacons closet in williamsburg. unfortunately, after walking 15 blocks they completely ripped at the ankle seams and now there are two huge holes in them. i don't think i'll be able to wear them much anymore.

top: thrifted, polo
tank: cheap monday
jeans: ag
boots: belle by sigerson morrison
flat boots: vintage


Stephanie said...

I need to find a red and black tartan print shirt! I've searched high and low and still no dice! So sad :-( I have leopard tights and these great Ash black suede booties and I think it would be a killer fall look!

Cindy said...

did you check roots? that's were i got one of mine. all the other ones that are red are polo boys. you should check ebay or polo kids dealers. otherwise try value village they usually have some.

Stephanie said...

hey Cindy, thanks for the Polo Kids and ebay tips! I scoured the men's and women's shirts at Value Village a couple of times and no luck. But I'll for sure check out your suggestions! Thank you :-)

Anonymous said...

You look amazing! I love that plaid shirt looks gr8!