little red riding boot

the last few days have been a permanent 90's revival. i cannot get enough of floral printed rayon babydolls, plaid flannel and over-sized slouchiness. it's an obsession and i need a pair of black lace up flat boots immediately, why did i get rid of my docks? you'll only be seeing all the grunge inspired outfits after i finish posting all the back logged photos i have stored. this look was worn for a saturday of wine tasting, shopping and wandering queen. i love both of these boots. the mini cowboy boots i got at a thrift store on my way up north the other day. they are so fantastic but alas, slightly too small. i don't know why i bought them because wearing them is painful. i plan on selling them on ebay soon. i'm currently photographing and measuring the huge pile of things i have to sell, stay tuned. instead i wore my red vintage moccasin boots. i bought them on ebay and i love there subtle details. the colour on the other hand is very bright which i must say limits my wear of them. it's the leo/virgo fight over my personality. it's hard to explain but it's as if i want the spotlight but i'm shy and feel uncomfortable when i get attention. i heart this horse shirt. i bought it for my boyfriend but ended up keeping it for myself. it was too sweet to let go of and i have a very sweet tooth.

tee: loomstate
shorts: modified abercrombie
boots: vintage
scarf: vintage
sweater: aritzia
bag: marc by marc jacobs

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Anonymous said...

both boots great! love the final look!! oh and good thing keeping that shirt for urself cuz its so cute! love it hehe:D