in the navy

here are those plaid pants again. i love them so much. i'm wearing them with the navy shirt i bought with them, so i guess you could say this was the outfit i was imagining when i picked up these pieces. i love that it's loose and flowy but very open at the neck and shorter so it still shows off my shape. plus it has great buttons and pockets and pretty great price for urban. i guess that's why there were only large sizes left. sometimes a size large can still look great on though like here, i never care about size and i always go for fit. i'm going to nyc tomorrow but i'm bringing my computer so i may have time to post. hopefully, the dollar stops going down so i can still afford to get lots of new things. finally, my tip of day is for everyone to go out and get the new kings of leon album. it is amazing and sex is on fire is my favourite.

tank and pants: urban outfitters
sweater: diy american apparel
tank: american apparel
ring: vintage
necklace: tiffany's, luv your pets, vintage
earrings: gypsy
sunnies: oakley frogsters
shoes: french sole


Clauds. said...

Hey, I was wondering where you found those studs to put on the AA cardigan? I was thinking of doing the same to one of mine, or finding stud buttons to sew on instead of the boring little AA buttons... thanks! Love your blog, I also have one if you ever wanna check it out...

Cindy said...

i got mine at courage my love in toronto but you can also find them on ebay if you search pyramid studs

Stephanie said...

Hey Cindy, I was wondering where you got your stud gun? I have scoured fabric stores and can only find a glue gun as well as the studs, but from what I've seen you do as well as other bloggers I'm under the impression that it's an actualy gun for studding. Any help would be great! Thanks :-) Hope NY is amazing!

Cindy said...

i didn't use a gun. the fabric is soft enough that you can just push the studs in and fold down the backs with pliers. it kind of hurts after a while though and i don't know if it would work as well with thicker fabrics or heavier duty studs.

stephanie said...

Thanks, Cindy! The fabric I want to put them on is thicker and rigid so I don't think pushing them in would work in this case... alas my search for a tool continues... thank you so much for the tip- I'll try it out and it'll definitely come in handy with lighter fabrics :-)