letting go

trips to holts last call can be bittersweet. you often come away with amazing deals but you can also leave behind some amazing pieces. today was one of those days. between trying on amazing alexander mcqueen cocktail dresses and the row leather jackets, i left behind one of the most amazing things i've ever worn. this incredible rick owens shearling jacket. i've wanted it forever and even though it was just over 800$ which something like 2000$ off it was still too much to part with especially just after my nyc trip. it hurts my heart knowing it was close to being mine but logically i know i couldn't afford it. argh!!! it's not fair. i also tried on those blog famous marc booties and i finally got the hype over them. on the rack they're okay but on the foot they look amazing and are so comfy. again too much money even at 50% off but i will keep my eye out for further reductions.


Stephanie said...

Omgosh Cindy, that jacket is to die for and would look unreal on you! It reminds me of one of your (Badlands?) vintage finds that you posted about a little while back. And I know misery loves company so if it makes you feel any better, I know exactly how you feel having left something behind you so desperately wanted because you can literally imagine all the great looks you could get out of it if it could just come home with you and be a part of you closet! It's like this longing. Usually blogging about my endless wishlist makes me feel a little better. :-)

Also, would you mind specifying the MJ boots you mentioned? I'd love to look them up and see a picture of them (cause I think I might have the h&m (MJ-inspired) pair). Thanks!

Cindy said...

rumi at fashion toast has them. if you search her sight for marc jacobs boots there's photos of her wearing them. they're dark blue and grey with a buckle across the foot.very big in teen vogue editorials.

Cindy said...

i added a link of the boots on net a porter

Stephanie said...

Thanks, Cindy! I checked them out and the h&m pair I have are definitely modeled after them but the better replica is def. the nine west ones GG picked up for Little J. Btw, I cannot believe how reduced they are on netaporter!

Anonymous said...

hey cindy!
i recently found your blog and i am in love with it!
i was wondering, what thrift stores/vintage stores do you shop at? I love in toronto :)


Cindy said...

thrift stores, basically value villages all over ontario. vintage stores you can't beat vintage 69 and the shops on ossington. kensington market is mostly over priced or picked over but you can find the rare gem there too. the rest of my vintage stuff i get at shows, on ebay or when i travel. i actually got an amazing ralph lauren crested blazer at vintage depot on boor today that is going to look great as part of my blair waldorf halloween costume. happy hunting!