i'm not someone who wears a lot of pants, jeans yes, but pants hardly ever. occasionally, a pair may come along and inspire me to put them to use. these blue tweedy/plaids are one of those pairs. as soon as i saw them in the store i new it was just a matter of which size and colour to buy. just days before in parry sound i was at a sports bar eating dinner and one of the boys who worked there was wearing a pair of plaid pants that caught my eye. i'm almost positive that they were just flannel pj bottoms that he had tapered in to be pegged at the ankle but they looked so cool. i think that is one of the reasons these stood out for me. i also love their zippers and how there's a contrasting tweed on the reverse which is very cute to cuff. definite favourites.

sweater: modified american apparel
top: h&m
pants: urban outfitters
shoes: chucks
necklace/watch: marc by marc jacobs