kristen stewart

i'm obsessed with this girl. her natural beauty, a mix of innocence, intelligence and shyness masked in aloofness. she is the kind of girl i'd like to hang out with and she's only 18. whether dressed in jeans, toms and pop tab bracelets, dkny minis or her fav. chanel with chucks and cartier she so appealing, inspiring, lovely. i can't wait to see twilight just to see her performance. i'm glad it's huge following will lead to much more kristen out and about. just maybe i see a little of myself in her too although i'm not nearly as stunning. she makes me want to grow out my bangs and get my hair of my face, my 2009 look? my favourite pic is the last one from vanity fair and the last one in the dkny dress, perfection.

all pics from kris-stewart.org

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Stephanie said...

I love her as well! Can't wait to see her and Robert in Twilight- the cast is totally young and beautiful. And that VF spread is so fun!