multi layer cake and out of forks

lots of outfit posts.... this one is a layered up look incorporating my new madewell infinity scarf that i picked up in nyc. i mixed it with some nineties inspired pieces, my cropped aa jersey tee and coloured jeans. all the kids wore coloured jeans in my school in 7th and 8th grade. i had a red pair back then. the necklace is made of this old key i found at a vintage show that decided to put it on a chain. the chain's a little to shinny for it but i still like the look. it goes with almost everything and adds a lived in vibe to things, grounds them. i'm trying to find a winter parka and i would like something that incorporates fur (faux or rabbit). something similar to the look below which i achieved by layering my vintage rabbit vest and my old army coat. but it needs to be one piece and warmer, any suggestions? i also have to add that gossip girl was amazing this week and i'm starting to feel so sorry for chuck but was it just me or are little j's designs just glorified betsey johnson rip offs? oh, and i'm over the twilight series. i feel hard for the second book new moon but the final book breaking dawn has put me off it completely, i threw it across the room. i'll probably still see the movie though because i adore kristen stewart.

finally, i got tagged by zori at gossip style to answer some questions so here it goes:

  1. what were you doing tens years ago? i was in high school, going through the motions.
  2. what are 5 things on your to do list today? get a job in the fashion industry, get over this cold, find the perfect winter parka, start an ebay store and go out west.
  3. snacks you enjoy? cake, chocolate, licorice, m&ms, apples, cereal
  4. places you still want to visit? london, paris, the northwest usa to san francisco, colorado
  5. 5 things in your bag? lg env2, mulberry wallet, 5 gum, mac lipglass, edie sedgwick notebook, i pod (i know it's six but i got a lot of stuff)

tee: american apparel
tank: urban outfitters
jeans: denim of virtue
boots: vintage guess
necklace: vintage
scarf: madewell
coat: h&m and vintage

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Stephanie said...

Glorified Betsey Johnson, absolutely. Last night's episode was amazing! The best yet in season 2.