rick owens 2.0

it may not be the shearling rick owens jacket of my dreams but i do love this motorcycle coat. i bought it at badlands vintage and it is probably one of my best finds ever. it was only 60$ and it's something i'll hold onto forever. i paired it here with some old and new nyc purchases. my vintage lace back boots and ag jeans from my first trip with my neon yellow striped circle scarf from my most recent trip. i have to get as much wear out of this guy before it's back to the parka because the negative temperatures are coming.... soon.

scarf: madewell
jacket: vintage
jeans: ag stilt
boots: vintage
shirt: aritzia
vest: h&m


Stephanie said...

I love that jacket! I miss Badlands sooo much!

Cindy said...

its my fav. vintage store along with 69. i spend forever in that basement. my fav. floral 90's cropped denim jacket is from there too.