studs, bella

remember the other post when i talked about my recent aritzia purchases? well here are the three things i ended up keeping. the sweater coat, cobalt blue tank and black wrap blouse. the zara jacket and t-shirt went back to the shops after my shopbop purchases later in the night put some strain on the purse strings. speaking of that post, today i finally got that kate moss style book i wanted but i'll post more on that another time. right now i got to finish my chicken noodle soup and get ready for twilight, yeah! i can't wait. i wanted to wait until i posted today's outfit to show you my completed diy project but i'm too behind and i have to show you all now so here they are. my new black converse lovingly studded by me. i have the callused fingers to show for it but it was so worth it. i love them.


Stephanie said...

That top picture is amazing! I love what you're wearing!

The converse are insanity! You did such a fantastic job and I'm kinda envious because your trainers are EVENLY STUDDED! My vest (which i've had to touch up twice) is a little uneven, and while I appreciate the diy charm, having something symmetric is so charming on the eyes.

Cindy said...

the last row isn't perfect but i've let it go. i'm a bit of a perfectionist. all through twilight tonight i was thinking about getting the mud off my left sole because i stepped in a puddle when i was getting into my cab, i'm crazy.i got it off now so it's cool. they took so long to stud that now i'm terrified their going to get wrecked somehow. i need to scotch guard them or something.
thanks for the nice comment about the first picture. i'm a little embarrassed about it. i'm doing a "sexy" pose lol. but it was the best pic of the sweater. i still haven't got used to not holding the camera in my tripod shots and i don't know what to do with my hands.

Goldie Locks said...

Aww your converse look awesome! I love the black wrap in the top picture too... love your blog :)

Stephanie said...

I know, it get a little awkward- without holding the camera and being compelled to "pose". But you're really photogenic- you always look great :-)

How was Twilight? I REALLY want to see it, I haven't read any of the books, but the cast is so bloody enticing ;-)

I'm such a neat-freak; I would have totally had the same reaction to the mud/getting out of the cab/puddle situation and it would have absolutely plagued me the entire movie :-)

Oh and Miss Wasson is overrated, I try not to pay too much attn to her.
But like most things that explode over night, they tend to implode and disappear just as quickly....will def. miss her "chip of her shoulder" character that's reflected in her fashion sense when that happens.

Cindy said...

thanks for the comments. twilight was good. some of it was cheesy, i laughed at the special effects a lot, the make up was horrible on the vampires but i still loved it. there were some amazing funny moments and the sets were stunning. i don't know if you'd like it so much if you never read the books or if you didn't have a thing for kristen or robert p. erin is like alice d. and aggy to me. too cool for school. but she is the best of the three because i think she's the most authentic. i think people like kate moss and mk. olsen stay endearing not just for their great fashion but because they seem humble.

MONAE. said...

simply the best!