because it's friday

i love everything about paolo nutini.  


Stephanie said...

Great video! Love Paolo Nutini :-) and this video is ADORABLE! LOOOOVVE it!

Thanks for your comment! That dress is gorgeous and it does resemble the one that I have from Badlands... ughhh i miss Badlands soo much :-( lol

It's awesome that you know the model!

And I saw Erin's comment- can't wait to see the Orange Label stuff on the site! I found the press lookbook but it's a pdf which is a technical upload problem.

ambiquitous said...

aw i love paolo! what a great blog you have here, its nice to see ideas from someone else from ontario dressing weather appropriately! lol

Stephanie said...

God that Walmart scenario sounds nightmarish! But honestly three weeks before the 25th it's all a total nightmare. And it seems worse (if that's even possible) this yr because of the economy everything is already on sale which automatically ups the mayhem ante! And I was excited about Boxing day at Holts... but it's all already on sale and I can't afford any of it at the moment and the Mtl Holts selection has to be the worst of them all. :-(