after months of seeing all my favourite blog girls pour themselves into their liquid leggings and stomp around i finally found a pair of my own to love. for some reason the american apparel versions that most wear just didn't sit well on me and i thought the leather look would be a trend i'd never be wearing but then i found these at urban outfitters. they fit me perfectly and i love how they look with my stud chucks. there's only one negative to them. they are the absolutely coldest "pants" i own. it's like i'm not wearing any at all, definitely not made for a canadian winter. oh how i freeze for fashion. i threw in some close ups of my new nail polish, a great bronzy metallic and my favourite silver rings too.

sweater: aritzia
shirt: thrifted polo
tee and leggings: urban outfitters
shoes: diy converse
bag: mulberry
bracelets: tiffanys, jeremys
rings: vintage, marc jacobs, tiffanys


Anonymous said...

Seriously Go to winners.
I was Almost ready to buy the American Apparel leggings BUT winners has pretty much the exact same ones for 14.99. :)!

Stephanie said...

Looooooovvvveee this look!!!! :-)
And I completely know what you mean about how "cold" liquid leggings can are- lol!

Cindy said...

winners can be so amazing, do you know what they had there the other day, balenciaga..... who would ever guess.