from the depths of a value village fitting room

during my last thirfting excursion i had a little fun in the change room trying to photograph the crazy pieces i had uncovered. all i could think about while snapping away was if people could here the whizzes and beeps of my camera and think there was some perv taking pictures of them changing. in my haste i of course dropped my camera but luckily there's only a small chunk missing from one corner and the actual important parts are still in working order. i wore my favourite striped sweater to head out that day. in fact, i went to the same thrift store where i bought the thing almost a year ago now. i brought home a few more friends that day. a cute corduroy motorcycle style jacket from asian chain izzue, a heathered knit turtleneck (seen below) and best of all, a pair of brown leather micheal kors harness boots for ten dollars (seen below). i only found out that the boots were m.kors the other day because they're pretty worn in and it was hard to read the label. but they're so amazing i would love them no matter where they were from and i don't even care that they're a size too big. i've lived in them since i bought them. i also bought the previously mentioned crushed velvet unitard. wow, it's kind of hilarious. i don't know what to do, keep it as is and layer on top of it?, cut off the legs and wear it as a bodysuit? cut it at the waist and keep the leggings? what do you all think?

sweater: vintage benneton, thrifted

tank: urban outfitters
jeans: paige
shoes: emma hope glitter sneakers


Stephanie said...

YOu're Value Village changing room story is HILARIOUS! I love the way you told it! As for the unitard it's phenomenal!!! I honestly am not sure what you should do with it- right now I'm kinda leaning towards keeping it as a one piece and layering over the top. Like perhaps with a black blazer and insanely stacked heels?! Could be a great outfit. Perhaps?

Re: the glossys! I know- Euro editions cost so much- I'll got to multimags (ie:Relay) and spend like $40 in one shot- I tend to do that a lot if I have a super unsuccessful day shopping. lol. It's like magazine always make me feel better. Always. But they are soo pricey and in this economy it should be the first thing to cut back on. even if I currently work at a magazine. lol.

Stephanie said...

BTW- I always try to NOT write you a bloody novel for a comment- but somehow I fail miserably every time. Sorry!

Rabenschwarz said...

great stripy cardigan, and i totally love the grey/rose jumper.