heavy horseshoe

the other day my friends, "the heavy" played a gig at the horseshoe and the gang headed out to support. they rocked the house and it was a very fun time. i decided to wear my newly constructed skirt for the occasion. i saw this mini at urban outfitters and thought that i could recreate it for a lot less than the 48$ price tag. it was very simple, just take a men's sized flannel, button it, cut of the top ( collar and sleeves), sew a waistband, thread through the elastic and finish the seams. it only took about 30mins and i think it turned out very similarly. i had to take these photos in the horseshoe bathroom so sorry about the grimy backgrounds. what else to tell you all.... i've decided to head to h&m to try and find that grey sweatshirt i've been searching for. that is the store that the most people on madstalkers mentioned. hopefully i'll be successful but i don't have high hopes. i also have a bit more christmas shopping to do and maybe today i'll be inspired. what's on your christmas lists this year?
hat, tights, necklace, scarf and belt: h&m

sweater: aritzia
tee: american apparel
skirt: diy, made from men's flannel
shoes: diy converse
bag: vintage mulberry

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