hey jealousy

wearing plaid is nothing new but i'm always looking for new ways to work it into my outfits. i reinterpreted this plaid diy jumper as a skirt for this look. this is one of my favourite rayon nineties pieces. originally it was very long and mom like but i chopped it to mini length and instant cute coverall. i love the colour of this new long sleeve tee and it reminds me so much of the aa jersey raglan. i thought it would go perfectly with this jumper but instead of under it i wore it over for a relaxed, grungy vibe. paired with a super long necklace which helps to provide some definition and tall boots it's made for a great little work outfit. perfect for an early winter day. as for what i was up to today, i headed out for some shopping with the sis. i ended up just buying a little something for kevin and another plaid shirt for myself but i was terribly tempted. i went to the store that has my much desired marc bowling booties and they were marked down to 269$. the store also had a balenciaga twiggy in metallic grey for $749. i didn't get either because i want a new camera too much but i did hang out in that store for quite awhile.

top: h&m
skirt: diy vintage jumper
boots: vintage guess
necklace and bracelet: vintage


Stephanie said...

Ah it's sooo hard to save for a new camera. The one I want is like 1,000$. I'm dying cause every time I see someone with it I cringe and every time I see a blogger with amazing pics I cringe again. And every time I see something closet-worthy I think I really can't live without it and my camera dreams get financially bowled over- yet again.

As for the metallic twiggy balenciaga- it sounds insane! I saw a clutch-size blue one for the same price in this amazing second-hand store that sells only designer goods. But I could not for the life of me justify spending
$750 on a bag sooo small and the wrong color for me. The bag dreams live on. lol. And yes purple is phenomenal with gray.

Cindy said...

that's how i felt. the twiggy style just isn't deep enough for me. if i spend that kind of money i have to love wearing the bag. anyways... i am getting the camera this week as it is on sale at blacks.ca until sunday. yeah!

Stephanie said...

amazing!! can't wait to see your new camera/the results :-)