i got my hood up

it is a complete blizzard outside, blowing snow, freezing and the snow is packing hard which means it will probably be here until christmas. needless to say i'm not looking forward to walking to work in a hour. but, there was good news today too. i got an amazing present from alternative apparel, they are too sweet. i will post about it very soon but i'm wearing every piece today. this outfit is also a head to toe look but it's from that swedish emporium of all things fashion h&m. this was the closest hoodie to the robert pattinson one i've been searching for, even though it's the wrong colour. i also found these awesome acid wash jeans. it's such a great spot for trendy jeans because you don't have to spend a lot of money for something that will more then likely not be worn for many months. but i really like these and they fit great. paired with dirty converse, big hoops and my starbucks it looks like i belong at the mall, i love it. of course, i couldn't just wear this, it's winter, so i through on my vintage eskimo coat and headed out for work.

jacket: vintage, thrifted
sweater, jeans, hoops: h&m
shoes: converse

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