wake up it's a beautiful morning

some new pics of my darling alexa from nylon guys magazine. the article, from their london issue, isn't too enlightening as i already know a ton about alexa but it is a cute introduction to her for those who've never heard of her before. the photos on the other hand are delightful, fun, sweet, sexy and charming just like a.c. on a side note, i'm thinking of purchasing a new handbag. i love the shape and details of the bag but i'm not sure of the colour. it's a very hot coral/red which i like but i've never thought of getting a handbag that colour. i'm more into neutrals, metallics and cooler colours like purples and greens. do you guys have any bright bags? do you wear them? love them?


Rebecka said...

Nice pictures

Stephanie said...

I love the second picture! She's amazing and every time I see her I think of you I'm pretty sure ( ;) ) as I know how much you love her.

re: the bright coloured bag: I don't own one but you should get one! why not? It'll be a fun splash of colour to any look, esp summer.

Cindy said...

it would be nice for summer i haven't even thought of that :) i love the last photo her face is so pretty in it.