ashes and wine

i wore this to check out the wrestler the other night, great movie by the way. i wear variations of this outfit all the time, tee+flannel+skinny jeans+boots, i just gravitate to it. a couple other things i am drawn to, dark saturated coloured nails like this purple or the forest green i'm currently wearing, dark green in general (it's my fav. colour) and customized dog tags. i usually go for song lyrics and i just made a bunch with lyrics from kings of leon and this tag featuring a snip from the song ashes and wine, by a fine frenzy. i love this song... adore it. the line is, "i'm ill with the thought of your kiss, coffee laced, intoxicated on her lips".

shirt and scarf: urban outfitters
tee: alternative apparel
jeans: earnest sewn
boots and peace sign ring: marc by marc jacobs
heart ring: tiffanys
snake ring: street vendor
necklace: chain gift from chaz, charm: diy luv your pets


Stephanie said...

I love this photo montage and those boots.... so glad you got them! They are hot and look great on you ;-)

daniB said...

killer snake ring!