what do you think of this thrifted blazer? it's a vintage piece by ken smith for b.j. larken, a long defunct canadian retailer. i love the chrome buttons and the fitted shape. best of all, it has small shoulder pads which give it structure without the tell tale retro look of the usual shoulder pad. there's nothing better then finding designer pieces for next to nothing at thrift stores but sometimes it's the wool blazers, gorgeously lined and a perfect fit that take the cake over a big name. in fact, i bought this but left a black lace dior blazer behind because it's late 80's cut was just not wearable.


Stephanie said...

I really like it! Shoulder pads are so tough to wear! I bought a thrifted shortsleeve fuschia blazer today with gold rose shaped buttons- I figured it was the perfect spring 09 piece! The shoulder pads are a bit bigger than I'm used to, but I think i'll be able to pull it off. + it has these deep front pockets which I love!

Anonymous said...

that jacket is hot.

i heard this song by feist and ben gibbard called train song and it's PERFECT for your blog http://www.myspace.com/darkwasthenight

Cindy said...

i usually rip out the shoulder pads but it sometime ruins the lines of the jacket. i can't wait to see you in the pink blazer it sounds like it could be very cool. you should check out karla's closet she's been wearing a short sleeved blazer to perfection lately,

anon- i checked out the song. v. nice. feist is fantastic

Shelly's Style Shop said...

Love the blazer. It fits perfectly.

It's always great when you can find great vintage clothing!

xoxo, Shelly