marry me

whenever i see award show gowns it always makes me think of what i want to be married in. the perfect dress... well this is it. reem acra. fitted, fairy tale with gorgeous movement sexy and sweet.

♥ lovely ♥.
*i will be posting outfits again soon i'm just being lazy about getting things off my camera*

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Stephanie said...

I could completely see that the velvet unitard would cause some sort of "riding up" scenario which beyond being awkward at best is just a plain pain in the ass. Good call on making it into a top. Can't wait to see the result.

Good luck with your tie dye venture! Hope you have better luck than i did ;-) it was much harder than I had imagined, I think I left it in the bleach too long and it was in there for like 2 mins total. It's just completely stripped of colour.