edge of seventeen

mongolian lamb fur is on my must have list right now. whether in clothing or for the home, i can't get enough of the soft fur with it's brushed out curls. it's reminiscent of all the best rock and roll groupies and is just so glam. unfortunately, it's not easy to find and when you do come across it, it's either uber expensive, unattainable (damn you topshop and your unwillingness to ship here), or damaged by age or water. i was able to find this scarf in a vintage shop in the market. i love the shape of it, how it drapes, the colour and the price, 12$. whether over a t-shirt or as a collar on you best leather jacket it adds instant appeal to a look. i love it. i wore it here with my beloved cashmere grandpa cardi, a men's alternative apparel tee, and some big silver hoops.

top: alternative apparel
cardi: vintage
leggings: aritzia
boots: belle by sigerson morrison
scarf: vintage
hoops and ring: claires and street vendor


Anonymous said...

you're cute
will add u too :-)


Baybay Mama said...


Stephanie said...

I love the last two pictures. Especially the second to last one- beautiful. I can totally see why mongolian lamb fur is on your must-have list: it look amazing on you!!!! I once tried on a Badgley Mishka Mongolian fur vest (last fall) at Holt's (because a friend of a really close friend (Rachel) works in the fur department) and Rachel thought i the vest was "made for me" but when I tried it on I felt like i gained 20 pounds! It was soo big. not heavy, just big. I don't know- maybe for a night out on the town, but lets be honest, brand new badgley mishka for a night out on the town?! There are other places I could def. put my $$ first. lol.

Your comment about the "late nights" picture really made me laugh! I'll ask you boyfriend and you can ask Jenny for some stories and we can exchange. lol. There was this one night I was soo drunk and I saw this guy I was kinda seeing walking home with another girl. I was a mess- I couldnt even get into the cab, and my friend was pleading with me, to go home. Awful and soo funny looking back. Man, i wish I had my camera then!

Your balenciaga sounds to.die.for! I love the balenciagas and miu miu's in navy- gorgeous. I can't wait to see it!!


h said...

love ur hair soo much dear!!

Merily said...

your hair's beautiful,

stephanie said...

I saw the blazer on fashion squad ;)!
Thanks for the heads up- I should have sent you a comment, I thought of you! I had to scroll up and down between both images of the front and back to grasp what was going on! it's insane!!!!!

Is it a balenciaga weekend, lady?!!
happy valentines day


Cindy said...

thanks for the lovely comments. the key to good hair in my books is less is more... less product, less heat on it, less dye and regular trims. but, i am blessed with straight wash and go hair.

stephanie... i agree about the bigness of the lamb fur. it does look great though for a night out. that's why i wish i could have got the topshop ones, oh well.

Anonymous said...

delighted!! to see your hair speaking lot more about your style!!