frankie and angie

continuing with my girls of the nineties
and early 2000's, here's a fantastic shoot
from british vogue shot by nick knight
and featuring the luscious frankie rayder 
and angela lindvall. these girls are two 
powerhouses. i love these two just messing
around here and it's obvious they're having 
a great time. we need to see more of girls 
who look like this, thin but still womanly. 
i think that's why people love lara stone so
much. she's one of the few girls today who captures this energy. don't these versace and 
alaia creations remind you of the current looks 
from balmain too? fab. editorial, i just adore
nick. he takes the most ethereal and playful
pictures. vogue april 2003.


stephanie said...

This shoot is amazing!!! So much fun!! I love nick knight too!!

I was just browsing your archives and I wanted to tell you that a) your style is amazing, lady!! And I love that you have remained consistent since day 1. b) that silver sequined best from Zara (2007) is to.die.for. I love it!!!!


stephanie said...


Trendy Gourmandise said...

crazy pictures