i'm a jacob

my beloved christmas gift is here, finally altered, it has barely left my finger since. this wolf is perfection, with all its detail. look at it's little silver teeth. naturally, i call it jacob and i can't wait to add another wolf to the pack. but that will probably take some time as good wolves are hard to find. right now i going to the market to check out toronto's vintage institutions and swing by uo for something for the boy. if i don't post by tomorrow send out a search party as i'm probably lost in the blizzard that is currently battering our city. when will it end? i'm so sick of winter.


Stephanie said...

Cindy this ring is sooo cool!! And thes shots are amazing- love the effect the black palette gives!!

the ring is perfect- it seems rings came late all around this Christmas- did you see Petra (of CityofPetra.blogsppot.com)'s post on her belated cougar ring? So cool! she had to wait for altering as well.

You're so awesome to brave that storm! I'm a little sick of winter too to say the least- the way im sick of summer heat come August. I just want to wear shoes already! And its too cold to go streetstyle snapshotting today ;-( c'est triste, alors!

happy hunting!!


style crusader said...

Adorable ring!! I really like your blog.


Cindy said...

thanks. style!

stephanie.- it actually stopped snowing pretty quick so it wasn't too bad. i found a great mongolian lamb fur collar/scarf in the market that i'm obsessed with so it was totally worth it.

Charmaine said...

siiick ring! i am so sick of the weather too.. i'd like spring to arrive TOMORROW! hahah

Franki Skye said...

hey! you know that prada fringe bag you commented that was shown in one of the olsen pictures? just found a low-budget replica!! just made a post about it! check it out chica.


kaitlyn said...

SUCH A SICK RING. i love it, dude. great blog!!



kiki said...

its gorgeous!!
im desperate for the cartier tiger ring with diamonds all over it....if i had a spare $40 000 or so

Cindy said...

thanks for all the comments. yes the cartier ring is amazing. i've posted it before as worn by a personal fav. mis kristen stewart (see archives).

Vintage Tea said...

Wow the ring is fierce! lol. Love the shots too.

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